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All of our equipment for hire can be supplied with a carnet document on request.

Commonly asked questions:

What is an ATA Carnet ?

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that can be used in different countries around the world to cover temporary use of goods without payment of Customs charges. Using a carnet:

The issue and use of an ATA carnet is subject to certain conditions.

Who can use an ATA carnet ?

A carnet can be used by private travellers or businesses. When a carnet is issued, the person who can use it will named on the front cover of the carnet, this person is the 'holder'. The carnet can be used by the holder or a representative named on the carnet.

Responsibilities of the carnet holder

Whether or not the holder owns the goods they will be responsible for any customs charges that may become due if the goods are incorrectly used or not re-exported from the country visited. The holder must also ensure:

Countries where Carnet is Required 

Algeria - Andorra - Australia - Balearic Islands - Belarus - Bosnia & Herz Canada - Canaray Islands - Chile - China - Corsica - Cote d' Ivoire - Croatia Dubai - Gibraltar - Guernsey - Hong Kong - Iceland - India - Isle of Man Israel - Japan - Jersey - Korea - Lebanon - Liechtenstein - Macedonia   Malaysia - Mauritius - Mexico - Moldova - Monaco - Mongolia - Montenegro   Morocco - Nambibia - New Zealand - Norway - Pakistan - Russia - Senegal   Serbia - Singapore - South Africa - Sri Lanka - Switzerland - Thailand   Tunisia - Turkey - Ukraine - U.A.E - USA

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