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John Henry's Ltd is the leading multi-disciplinary service organisation for the Entertainment Industry in the UK and Europe. Over the years, we have seen the radical growth and development of our industry and accordingly, our organisation has evolved and diversified by responding to its needs, developing new business opportunities along the way.

In 1976, John Henry began by developing a then, unique, portable stage riser system for touring artists. He also produced some of the very first touring Mains Distribution systems along with the famous JHL 230v to 115volt transformer that has proved to be a mainstay for all 115volt requirements today.

Our clients then required a place to Rehearse, along with Equipment to Rehearse and perform. They were able to find all these services at John Henry Enterprises, 1a Market Road, Islington, London (1978-82). Since our relocation to Brewery Road, Islington, in 1982, we have been developing our 42,000 sq.ft site into a home base for the provision of a comprehensive range of specialist services.

In 1999, the JHL Group of Companies that incorporated John Henry Enterprises, JHE Audio Ltd and JHE Overseas Ltd consolidated into John Henry’s Ltd. To keep up with the expansion and to accomodate the ever growing Backline department, we took on another two warehouses (opposite the main building) which house the Audio, Staging and Storage divisions of the company.

Today, we comprehensively provide the following services at John Henry’s Ltd;


Our client base includes International touring and recording artists, in the Classical, Pop and Rock fields; all the major Record companies; Television and Recording studios; Concert Promoters, Festival and Event Organisers. We have a core staff of over forty employees working in harmony with an extended network of over 200 tried and trusted freelance Engineers and Technicians, many of whom are ex JHL trained. All our staff are true professionals and have the established knowledge and understanding of Customer Service that makes JHL the respected benchmark it is today.